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St-Petersburg White Nights

Perhaps the most beautiful, natural spectacle to see in St. Petersburg in the summer months is the WHITE NIGHTS. A love for those who like to walk around the city at am in the sunlight, and a misery for those who enjoy sleeping in the dark, the white nights start in early the mid June, and last until mid to late August every summer in St. Petersburg. A truly amazing sight, as one can experience the beauty of St. Petersburg in a different way. Enjoying a cup of coffee or beer on Nevsy Prospect at 1 am in deemed sunlight makes one wonder how great life really is! Typically, people in the city experience two or three hours a day without sunlight in the summer everyday. But this comes as a great enjoyment for those who battled and survived through the long, harsh St. Petersburg winter, where the sun rarely comes out. :)

The glimmer of the many churches, buildings, and bridges in St. Petersburg from the sunlight, light up the city at night. White nights are experienced by many different countries close to the Arctic circle every summer. While it is not just a St. Petersburg phenomenon, St. Petersburg can be considered the biggest and most beautiful city closest to the Arctic Circle, thus, making it a one of a kind experience for everyone.

The most beautiful thing perhaps about the white nights is the feeling that everything is ok in life. While looking at the several bridges in St. Petersburg at night, in which are up to let ships come into the city, one can take beautiful photographs of dozens of sights around the city. The weather in the summer in St. Petersburg can vary depending on the day. Usually, it can be around +25 to +32, but in the evening, the temperature is usually cooler. The comfortable temperature and amazing sights around the city brighten up anybody’s mood, as you can walk around downtown and see how the best city in Russia is seen during the summer.


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