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Soviet Arcade Games

On Konyushennaya Ploshad, there is one of the most exciting interactive museums in St. Petersburg!

The museum of Soviet Arcade Games opened recently on June 15, 2013, and in this short time, it has already become very popular with the residents of St. Petersburg as well as tourists to the city

The museum offers a unique area in the city where guests can enjoy traditional Soviet Arcade games and understand that the Soviet Union was not so serious in some aspects. The museum has more than 50 exhibits and here every adult can remember years gone by, playing the hits of the Soviet past, and children can play some games that they have never played before. It is a perfect place for people of all ages!

The museum works like a time machine. It allows the visitors to return their happy childhood. This museum brings smiles to faces of people as they remember there: favorite cartoon heroes and characters from the magazine "Murzilka", Olympic bears and "Lakomka" ice cream.

Speaking of childhood, people who come can remember from their school years the "Young Pioneers" and the planetarium, and football until late in the evening with friends in the yard, summer camp on the Black Sea and songs around campfires, forest hiking, and playing "cops and robbers" - when talking about all of this, you will understand that there is nothing better than nostalgia and the arcade games will make you remember a lot. "Battleship," "Sniper", "Safari" – the games are so much fun!

The search for these rare exhibits were held in the homes of culture, pioneer camps closed and abandoned recreation centers. Most of the arcade games have been refurbished and offer players the chance to relive the past. You have the unique opportunity to play all the games in the museum.

Also in the museum is a café with "Carbonated water for 3 kopecks," so that museum visitors will be able not only to touch the past, but also to taste it.

Price: 350 rubles – this price allows you to play 15 games and includes a tour

Address: Konyushennaya Ploshad, 2 lit B

Hours of Operation: daily from 11:00 to 20:00

Telephone: 8-981-185-56-35

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